About us

Neyrperse as a knowledge- based enterprise relying on its efficient and creative personnel, and utilization of the domestic knowledge and capabilities, beside its commitment to social and environmental concerns is presenting its services considering the basic standards of quality, time, cost and its stakeholders’ benefits to secure company progress and profitability in domestic, regional and international competitions.
Neyrperse participates in Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Projects on behalf of MAPNA Group or independent and executes the contracts under the Consortium agreements or through its own and/or Group capabilities.
Similar to Power Plant Projects, Neyrperse is looking for the reliance of the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Clients. Neyrperse strategy is very clear in this regard and is defined as; Execution of the projects based on the Client’s quality requirements and even beyond their expectations, and also achievement the time schedules of the Projects. Neyrperse strategy in execution of the projects is to use the services of the other companies of MAPNA Group in supplying and construction of the Projects.