Neyr Perse Company considers itself to be responsible for all its actions and effects on society in any way and for any purpose. Responding to these impacts can occur in any of the economic, social and environmental fields and will not have any kind of restrictions. In fact, Neyr Perse is committed to earn money only via methods that benefit the society and avoid harming the society in order to earn money.
In our opinion at Neyr Perse and Mapna Group, social responsibility is an obligation:
• Commitment to protecting the environment
• Commitment to non-discrimination in employment matters
• Commitment to meet the needs of employees
• Commitment not to provide harmful products
• Commitment to allocating financial resources in the direction of providing general welfare accepted by the majority of the society
• Commitment not to engage in unethical activities
• Commitment to consider the fundamental principles of humanity and accountability to them
• In this regard, Neyr Perse company by updating the environmental standards, implementing its commitments to employers in time in national projects that affect society and the environment, cooperating in the implementation of projects that meet the needs of the country, carrying out public benefit activities and carrying out annual programs in line with social responsibilities, it tries to fulfill its commitments.

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