Neyr Perse Company, realizing the importance of moving towards excellence and according to the policies of Mapna Group, via a collaborative decision through the formation of specialized committees and with the cooperation and accompaniment of all the company's employees, has taken steps in the endless path of excellence. In 2014, this company succeeded in obtaining a certificate of commitment to excellence, and in 2015, by obtaining a two-star certificate from the National Award for Organizational Excellence, it has stepped on the ups and downs path of excellence. Winning numerous awards in various subjects has made Neyr Perse company able to take greater steps in the path of excellence and increase its competitiveness while also increasing the stability of its organization.



• With the efforts of the senior management of the group for the growth and excellence of Mapna Group's subsidiaries, Neyr Perse Company participated in the comprehensive organizational excellence model of Mapna Group in 2019, and due to its brilliant presence in this evaluation, it was appreciated by the Vice President of Systems and Information of Mapna Group. With the aim of continuing to move on the path of excellence, in 2021, it voluntarily participated in the evaluation of the comprehensive organizational excellence model of Mapna Group and was able to strengthen its position on the path of excellence with the efforts and perseverance of all personnel and add to the company's honors.