Neyr Perse company, with trained and experienced manpower, in the form of an economic enterprise, provides engineering services, supply of equipment and implementation of industrial projects, especially the management of oil and gas and petrochemical projects inside and outside the country, with an emphasis on results orientation and increase Stakeholders' satisfaction works by examining their needs and expectations. Creating a customer-oriented environment by allocating the necessary resources in order to receive feedback and measure customer satisfaction, commitment to compliance and fulfillment of legal requirements and other practical requirements, in compliance with technical, quality, safety, environmental and economic principles, is always the concern of Neyr Perse company. In line with the continuity and evolution of the management system and the realization of its strategic goals, this company has prioritized the establishment and implementation of the following standards in its activities.
(ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015, ISO 45001: 2018, HSE-MS, ISO 29001:2020, ISO 10004: 2018, ISO 27001:2013, ISO 21502: 2020)
In this regard, attention should be paid to the following points:
a) Market development focusing on target markets
b) Increasing the level of satisfaction of customers and key stakeholders
c) Increasing employee satisfaction
d) Prevention of accidents and diseases caused by work, by providing a suitable and safe work environment and eliminating risks and reducing occupational health and safety risks.
e) Control and optimal use of resources in order to protect the environment and reduce environmental pollutants
f) Effective management of projects by using an integrated approach and project managementg) Risk management, security and development of information systems and assets for business continuity
While declaring my belief and adherence to the goals stated in this policy, I expect all the colleagues to learn, understand and fully implement the requirements of the integrated management system in line with its effectiveness, participate, consult and try to achieve the goals of the policy and commit to continuous improvement in Neyr Perse Company.
Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO
Mohammad Reza Parsapour
Document code: IC 003- Revision number: 11
Date of preparation/revision: 2024-02-04