Founded in 1958, Neyr Perse Company started its activities in water, road, oil and gas industry. In 1958, by joining Mapna Group, Neyr Perse was entrusted with the task of implementing the midstream and downstream oil, gas and petrochemical projects on a turnkey basis or implementing related units. As a knowledge-based economic enterprise, relying on creative and efficient employees and taking advantage of domestic knowledge, capacity and capabilities, while observing social and environmental obligations, we provide our services within the framework of the main criteria of time, cost and quality with efficient and effective interaction with all Stakeholders. We offer to guarantee the growth and profitability of the company in the field of national and regional competitions. As one of Mapna Group's subsidiaries, this company is involved in oil, gas, and petrochemical projects and performs contracted work independently, in the form of consortiums, or as an intra-organizational partnership (Mapna Group). Neyr Perse Company, like the Mapna brand, seeks to win the trust of employers in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries in the country's power plant industry. Neyr Perse strategy in this field is very clear and defined as follows: "Executing the project with the quality desired by the client and even beyond their expectations with the aim of achieving the project schedule." Due to its common interests with the Mapna Group, this company (Neyr Perse Company) has emphasized the preferential use of the services of other companies in the group, including the provision of goods and the construction of projects, in the strategy of project implementation, and it has benefited from the capabilities and potentials of the Mapna Group for the optimal implementation of projects.