South Pars Gas Field Development Plan - Phase 14 (fourteen)

Scope of activity (work): It consists of engineering, purchase, construction works, installation and commissioning of the following units:
Unit 106-Export Gas Compression & Metering
Unit 108-Sulphur Recovery SRU/TGU
Unit 109-Sour Water Stripper
Unit 120-Power Distribution
Unit 121-Steam Generation & Distribution
Unit 122 - Fuel Gas System
Unit 123- Instrument & Service Air System
Unit 124- Nitrogen Generation & Storage
Unit 125 - Sea Water Intake
Unit 126 - Sea Water Desalination
Unit 127 - Water Polishing
Unit 128- Potable water
Unit 129- Waste Water Treatment
Unit 130- Fire Water System
Unit 131- System Diesel
Unit 132- Cooling Water System
Unit 144 - Sulphur solidification and storage
Unit 146-Chemical storage
Unit 163-Fire Fighting
Unit 165-Visit hall (Gallery building)
  • Main power station and transformer
  • The seawater intake system includes pumps from the inlet to the installation of the 42-inch gas outlet pipeline to the national gas transmission line of 3 kilometers long
  • Equipping the workshop and carrying out building works and construction of administrative offices
  • The pipelines of the units along with the related structures