NEYR PERSE is MAPNA Group execution body in Oil,Gas & Petrochemical sectors.

Neyrperse as a knowledge- based enterprise relying on its efficient and creative personnel, and utilization of the domestic knowledge and capabilities, beside its commitment to social and environmental concerns is presenting its services considering the basic standards of quality, time, cost and its stakeholders’ benefits to secure company progress and profitability in domestic, regional and international competitions.

NEYRPERSE has been established in 1958

OUR MISSON since then

Relying on our efficient and creative personnel and utilizing the domestic knowledge, capacity and capabilities, beside our commitment to social and environmental concerns we are presenting our services considering the basic standards of time, cost and quality with effective and efficient dealing with all stakeholders to secure company progress and profitability in domestic and regional competitions.


  • Integrity, Honesty and Professional Conduct.

  • Responsible, Allegiance to Commitments and Resultant

  • Consumer friendly and win – win relation with beneficiaries.

  • Efforts in Growth and Ascendancy of Human Resources and Organization.

  • Commitment to Quality, Healthy, Safety and Environmental concerns.

  • Group Work and Decision Making Based on Collective Wisdom.

  • Retain, Exchange and Emission of knowledge in Organization.

  • Innovation



Phase 13 of South Pars Gas Development Project


Phase 14 of South Pars Gas Development Project


Phases 13 & 22-24 South Pars Gas Development Project, Supply of Turbo Compressors for Unit 106


IRAN LNG Electrical & Steam Package


IRAN LNG Water Supply Package


Engineering, Manufacturing & Transferring of Know-How to Localize the Process of Supplying 100 Turbo Compressor Units for Gas Compression Stations



Integrated Management System Policy

Neyrperse with its trained and experienced personnel, as an economic enterprise has done Engineering Services, Supply of Equipment and Execution of Industrial Projects, especially Management of Oil and Gas Projects in country and abroad with consideration of Technical, Quality and Economical doctrine and in the course of continuous and maturity of Management System and achievement of strategic goals Neyrperse have implemented and performed the ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, ISO/TS 29001: 2010, and E&P Forum-HSE MS: 1994 standards at its top signboard and emphasizes on lawful necessities in the fields of Healthy, Safety and Environment, also the outline targets are as under:

  • Increment of Customer Satisfaction
  • Increment of Personnel Satisfaction
  • Prevention of occupational malady and incidences
  • Control and optimum usage of resources in the course of reducing environmental pollutions
  • Reducing Health and Safety risks and Environmental issues
Declaring my belief and commitment to the announced goals in this Policy and Integrated Management System, I expect all my colleagues in addition to learn, conceive and fully execute the requirements of this system try for achievement of goals of the policy and continuous improvement of Integrated Management System in the Company.
The contents of this Policy and its achieved goals will be surveyed and revised.

Behroz Jabbari
Vice President of the Board and Managing Director

Neyrperse Integrated Management System

NEYRPERSE in order to achieve the goals of highest Quality Standards has proceeded with establishment of integrated management system based on:

  • A)
    • ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System
    • ISO/TS 29001:2010 Quality Management System in Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Sector (Issued under ISO/TC 67 Technical Committee in Material, Equipment and Offshore Structures for Oil, Natural Gas and Petrochemical zone)
  • B)
    • ISO 14001: 2004 Environmental Management System
    • E&P Forum HSE-MS:1994 Health, Safety and Environment Management System
and has made the organization to commit itself to effectuate and maintain the said system. The performance of Quality Management System will be reviewed periodically in order to ensure its effectiveness and continuation of its suitability and improvement.
NEYRPERSE Quality Management System is followed by all management and individual staffs to secure the good performance in design, procurement and construction of the projects under Integrated Management System (IMS) concept. Good understanding and positive participation of all NEYRPERSE personnel in Quality Management System leads the company for:
  • Contributing to sustainable development of society by providing customers with products and services that satisfy applicable statutory regulations and customers contractual requirements
  • Strengthening individual abilities and functions of organizational units
  • Fulfilling individual responsibilities as assigned by the quality system
  • Setting of measurable objectives to continually improve the quality management system
  • Achieving the satisfaction of customers at all stages of the projects
  • Understanding Client’s, needs to provide products and services in conformity with contractual requirements
  • Complying with applicable codes, standards, laws and regulations and focusing on safety and environmental considerations for satisfying the beneficiaries.

Environmental Policy

Neyrperse fully recognizes that all company activities must be performed in a responsible manner leading to "sustainable development" by balancing the advancement of humankind and conservation of global environment.
To achieve this goal, all Neyrperse personnel, top management and each individual staff shall perform their activities in due consideration of the following policy, while cooperating with our customers as well as the companies concerned, governmental authorities and communities.

  • Provide plants and facilities to customers that have no undue environment impact by devoting Neyrperse technology and engineering ability for optimizing usage of natural resources and energy and for reducing effluent and waste produced or recovering usable material there from.
  • Perform all activities in an environmentally sound manner through project execution from planning, engineering, procurement and construction to operation.
  • Research and develop technologies which contribute to the prevention or resolution of environmental problems and transfer globally such technologies and encourage the spread thereof.
  • Comply with relevant environmental legislation and regulations, and with other requirements to which Neyrperse subscribes.
  • Develop, maintain and continually improve an environmental management system for promoting activities of environment conservation.
Committed to the above principals and following the Green Office recommendations Neyrperse is proud for receiving the Level 3 Golden Certificate from European Association for Green Management.

Health & Safety

Neyrperse fully recognizes that health & safety are essential for the welfare and morale of humankind and also important for contributing to company growth.
In order to ensure the health & safety of all liable people, Neyrperse team, from top management to each employee, shall comply with the following codes to be conducted for constant occupational health & safety and continuously promote and improve the performances:

  • Recognize that each individual person has duty and responsibility to promote occupational health & safety activities.
  • Enhance occupational health & safety consciousness and knowledge through continuous vocational education and training.
  • Comply with statutory / legal and Neyrperse’s relevant regulations. Assess every potential accident and take all proactive measures against such accident.
  • Ensure a hazard-free and clean work environment.
  • Create interest and enthusiasm in occupational health & safety efforts through recognition of safety performance.

Green Office


ISO TS29001-2010

ISO 45001-2018









NEYRPERSE Company an assignee of MAPNA Group for performance of Engineering, Supply, Construction, Installation and Commissioning of Oil, Gas and Petrochemical projects as an EPC Contractor is currently performing the following projects:

  • Utility Units and some of the Process Units of Phase 13 of SPGDP

  • Utility Units and some of the Process Units of Phase 14 of SPGDP

  • Unit 106, Export Gas Compression of Phase 19 of SPGDP

  • Power, Steam and Water Packages of Iran LNG Project

  • Isfahan Refinery up grading Project (Package C)

  • Supplying of 100 Turbo Compressor Units for Gas Compression Stations

  • Engineering and Supply of Turbo Compressors for Units 106 Phases 13 and 22-24

  • Metering Systems for Oil Industries

  • Gas Treatment Plant for Sweidieh Combined Cycle Power Plant Project in Syria

  • Engineering, Supply of accessories, Installation and Commissioning of one unit GE GTG FR6 of Bandar Abbas Refinery