If you want to cooperate with Neyr Perse as a business partner, you can complete the "Partnership Form" below. After reviewing the mentioned form, our colleagues will contact you, if future cooperation is possible, and necessary expert meetings and coordination will be planned.
Participation form
Based on the requirements of Mapna Group, Neyr Perse Company chooses its contractors and suppliers from the list approved by this group. Therefore, you can do initial registration and upload documents for the evaluation of Mapna Group through the "Mapna Group Supply Chain Management System" link.
Also, if you wish to cooperate with Neyr Perse as a supplier, you can complete the "Suppliers Form" so that your services will be registered in the company's database so that your abilities can be evaluated in line with the selection of a qualified supplier, by taking into account the organizational requirements and documents. You will be contacted if needed.
Suppliers form
Relying on the its expert, creative, innovative, ethical and competent staff that adhere to the organizational values of Mapna Group, Neyr Perse Company provides valuable, high-quality services to its customers in compliance with standards and in a timely manner. Accordingly, Neyr Perse Company, as a project management company, recognizes its human resources as its main capital, and while maintaining and honoring its personnel in a friendly and ethical environment, it is ready to invite experienced, skilled, knowledgeable and hardworking people who are able to work within the framework of Neyr Perse and Mapna group's organizational values, to cooperate at the appropriate time. Therefore, if you wish to cooperate with Neyr Perse, you can add your resume to the company's database by filling out the form below, so that if you need to cooperate, you will be invited for an interview.
Employment form