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Oil & Gas

By carrying out more than 29 different oil and gas projects in Iran and its neighbors (Countries in the region), Neyr Perse (Company) has tried to meet the needs of the country (Iran) via the implementation of various projects for the...


Considering Neyr Perse Company's capabilities in the field of oil and gas and the successful implementation of refinery projects in the utility and process sector, Mapna Persian Petrochemical Company has entrusted the implementation...


With the support of its valuable experiences in the construction of dams and equipment related to hydropower plants, Neyr Perse Company started its activity in the field of power and now with the strength and knowledge of Mapna Group in...


Neyr Perse Company is capable of building dams and related equipment, water transfer tunnels, water related structures, water and waste water treatment systems, water packages, boilers and steam production systems in power plants and...


Achievements of Neyr Perse Company        


From 1958 onward (until now)    

+65 +65 + More than 65 years of experience
Since 1958, it has been present in the country's industry (oil and gas, water, power and road (construction))
+60 +60 + completed projects
More than 60 (sixty) completed projects
+10 +10 + projects running in the country
More than 10 (ten) projects running in the country
+2 +2 + Completion of two large projects in South Pars
Phases 13 (thirteen) and 14 (fourteen) of South Pars


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